Key Points
Highly accomplished animator; including 2D hand-drawn frame-by-frame, motion graphics, and 3D character animation
Fully fledged visual design/illustration skills; including storyboarding, concept art, background design, graphic design and comics
Excellent team collaboration skills; able to easily get along and effectively work together with people of all diverse backgrounds and abilities
Strong communication skills; can speak and write articulately and in a friendly, positive and appropriate attitude, as well as listen to others precisely and in an empathetic manner
Very motivated to commit any task with full effort and willingness to learn new skills and adapt to new environments with great enthusiasm
Fast and effective thinker; able to quickly and creatively problem-solve, and proactively make decisions in an efficient, timely, and unanimous manner
Outstanding organisational/time-management skills; can prioritize and multi-task so tasks can be done in a timely, efficient manner, gained from leading group collaboration projects
Pencilmation | Ross Bollinger LLC.
Colourist  | May 2018 - Present
Assist in main production of animated series with colouring duties
Colour in line art animation based on provided palette
Self-check progress to ensure consistency to the fullest in final production
INFAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions) | Ross Bollinger LLC.
Storyboard Artist | December 2018 - June 2019
Collaborate with director and writer to explore and develop visual story for animated series
Draw thumbnails showing the visual story based on director/writer’s notes
Conduct background research to inform story process
Smart Staff International
Illustrator | MAY 2018 - JULY 2018
Collaborate with writers to develop visuals for mining safety manual
Produce drawn illustrations that visually depict safety-related scenarios that may occur in hazardous mining environment
Revise sketches as needed based on writer’s notes 
Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop for illustration plus graphic design
CLIP STUDIO PAINT for illustration, storyboarding, concept art, background design and comics
Adobe After Effects for motion graphics and video compositing
Adobe Animate  for hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation
Toon Boom Harmony for hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation
CELACTION for rigged character animation
Autodesk Maya for 3D character animation, plus modeling and rigging
Curtin University | Bachelor of Arts (Animation and Game Design)
Lynwood SHS
WAnimate 3|Thirty Award | 3|Thirty Animation Competition 
FOR BEST CHOICE | December 2018
Awarded for my animated short film Box (2018)
Monk Media Award | Beyond: Curtin Digital Grad Show 
City of Canning Award | Lynwood SHS Graduation
For Most ExEmplary Student | November 2015​​​​​​​
Available upon request, contact (or go to contact page above) if required.